Production equipment

Production equipment
Our forging shop is equipped for production of close-die forgings up to weight from 0,5kg up to 24kg, up to diameter of 300mm and length 500mm made of carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel.

Forging shop equipment

  • Hammer KPH 1250
  • Crank Press
  •    LZK 1000 t
  •    LZK 1600 t
  • Friction Screw Press
  •    LVR 1600 t
  • Trimming presses
  •    LKO 315, LDK 200, LENP 100, LE 160/35, LENP 63A

LZK 1000 t
Crank Press
LZK 1000 t
LZK 1600 t
Crank Press
LZK 1600 t
LVR 1600 t
Friction Screw Press
LVR 1600 t
Ostřihovací lis
Trimming presses

Induction heating
Our forging shop has 3 induction lines of power 200kW, 400 kW and 800 kW with capacity 1600 – 2000kg / hover.

Heat treatment
2 electric furnaces with temperature control maintain following heat treatment processes: stress relieving, softening, normalizing.

We can maintain machining – turning, milling, drilling and electro-erosion machining.

We offer the components including surface treatment such as zinc coating, galvanizing / hot-dip galvanizing; tin plating; painting.